Understanding Touring Fees

Remount Fees

Remount is the cost of preparing a production for a new tour of an existing work. This may involve some re-rehearsal, re-design, preparation of new marketing materials etc. It will be the same for any length of tour. The total cost of remounting the show is shared amongst all the venues on a tour and forms the first component of the sell-off fee.

Weekly Sell Off Fee

The second component of the sell-off fee is the weekly fee or running costs.  These are costs incurred by the producer for performing the show over the course of one week. These DO NOT include the net costs of touring the show such as freight, per diems, accommodation & travel costs (which vary depending on the length of the tour).

Per Performance Fee

The cost of a one-off performance with no remount required.


Royalties are percentages of net box office income paid to personnel involved in the creation of the work.

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