The Détectives in Cirque Noir

Producer: Dummies Corp
Writer: Dummies Corp
Directed By: Clare Bartholomew & Jamie Bretman

A Circus noir mystery you chumps won’t want to miss!


Short Reviews

Awe inspiring acrobatics
The Age
A creative triumph, blending slapstick comedy with daring acrobatics and a dash of raunchy adult humour.
The Au Review ★★★★★
Charlie Chaplin-esque slapstick gold
Time Out ★★★★


Technical Information

Technical Rating: N/A
Touring Party: 5
Bump-in Time: 8 hours hrs
Bump-out Time: 2 Horus hrs
Interval: No




Transport Notes

Audience & Marketing Notes

Selling Points

  • Integrates the spectacular with clever story-telling making it appeal to a very broad demographic
  • Those new to theatre can enjoy the spectacle of circus
  • Theatre aficionados will appreciate the nuanced comedy, use of farcical conventions and noir references
  • 75% visual - the show can be followed and understood by those with limited hearing or language perception
  • Truly multi-artform with lots of points of entry - use of puppetry, circus, theatre, music
  • Appeals to young audiences because of its high energy, fast paced, quick witted comedy
  • Appeals to older audiences who have seen lots of Noir and classic detective films
  • Due to it's visual nature, it photographs well. Company has many photographic and video assets to help sell the show

Community Engagement

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Content Warning




Theatre, comedy, noir lovers

Venue Format

Black box, Thrust and Proscenium Arch


70 Minutes

Available Until (from - to)



Budget & Fees

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In Development - work which will be produced and premiered in time for touring during 2022/2023. Please contact the Producer directly for Budgets and Fees.

Remount: $5,000

Weekly Sell Off: $13,000

Per Performance: $6,000

Royalties: 8%
Apra Obligations: We have recorded music that requires APRA royalties

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