Producer: Rogue Projects
Writer: Ally Morgan
Directed By: Miranda Middleton

A frank and funny new cabaret about making the most out of life, while you still can.


Short Reviews

★★★★ "Newcomer could be a younger Tim Minchin… A terrific show with a message that makes it greater than the (already impressive) sum of its parts. I’ve seen plenty of intimate, confessional shows about mental health issues, but this is not that. It is a show that shares our grief, and offers courage, honesty and hope.”
Sydney Morning Herald
★★★★★ "Not Today is brilliant. Poignant. Witty. And without getting in your face. Relevant.
Sydney Scoop
”captivated the audience from the [g]et go… a must-see!"
Weekend Notes
”Simply put, Not Today was a delightful but incredibly touching show that was both entertaining to watch and meaningful enough to do what all good art should: promote discussion and honest confrontation of beliefs - about the self and others - in its audience. With the extra treat of just being such a fun show to be apart of.”
Theatre Travels


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Technical Information

Technical Rating: N/A
Touring Party: 3
Bump-in Time: 4 hrs
Bump-out Time: 3 hrs
Interval: No




Transport Notes

Audience & Marketing Notes

Selling Points

  • As well as its topical relevance, ‘Not Today’ is unique in its musical style, pushing the limits of how a cabaret can sound. Through an exciting combination of live instrumentation (Ally plays keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and ukulele) and professionally recorded backing tracks, the show sits within the realm of folktronica - a fresh and unique sound in the cabaret genre.
  • Audience Development - an excellent opportunity to engage younger audiences, particularly music buyers, with theatrical product.
  • As a one-woman show, it’s very tourable, with opportunities for Ally to provide songwriting workshops or Q&A sessions about how she and the creative team built this “beautifully structured story about these crazy times” (SMH review).
  • Through its use of dark comedy and music, it takes an honest look at millennials’ mental health, particularly delving into the increasing phenomenon of climate grief. ‘Not Today’ will resonate deeply with audiences who have just lived through two anxiety-inducing years of lockdowns, fires, and failed climate summits, whilst nevertheless generating a sense of collective hope and humanity.





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Cabaret & Musical Theatre

Venue Format

Pros Arch, Thrust Stage, Black Box, Studio, Town Hall, Lounge


60 Minutes

Available Until (from - to)



Budget & Fees

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In Development - work which will be produced and premiered in time for touring during 2022/2023. Please contact the Producer directly for Budgets and Fees.

Remount: $22,000

Weekly Sell Off: $8,550

Per Performance: $6,350

Royalties: 14%

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