Goddesses of Jazz

Producer: Wishingwell Productions
Writer: Maude Davey and ruth katerelos
Directed By: Graham Clarke

A cabaret celebrating some of the world's most sensational Jazz Divas, through a contemporary lens.


Short Reviews

A nostalgic trip with a 21st century vibe. Goddesses of Jazz provides a warmth that wraps you in a big beautiful comfy musical blanket.
Alec Gilbert
Hi you two, what a wonderful selection of songs you chose. Thank you for the live intimacy.
Cara Dinley
Great rapport between the two goddesses and their fabulous pianist. A great mix of songs that had us smiling from start to finish.
Clare Larman
The show was so thoughtful and intelligent ....I felt warm and fuzzy, and moved by themes of love's losses and death's deficits. It did me a lot of good by touching some familiar raw-nerve ends, and yet with such a sassy-socio-sexual awareness and scintillating wit, if I may say ... provocatively fabulous ....thank you!
Karen d'Konyak


Technical Information

Technical Rating: N/A
Touring Party: 3
Bump-in Time: 1 hour to include sound check etc. hrs
Bump-out Time: 1/2 - 3/4 of an hour hrs
Interval: Yes




Crew Notes

Transport Notes

Audience & Marketing Notes

Selling Points

  • Two performers who are both actor/singers who contextualise each song as a dramatic statement, thus leading the audience on a journey.
  • Great songs, and story telling which is in parts humorous and at others raw and human.
  • Two performers, who are very different, and yet who complement each other very well, and who have great stage rapport.
  • An extremely accomplished pianist - who's playing picks up every nuance of the story the singer is telling. Every song is a duet or a trio
  • Easily toured and set up - no set.
  • Easily bumped in and out; can adapt the show's length if necessary.








Music/cabaret lovers

Venue Format

Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Thrust, Flat Floor, Hall


70 Minutes

Available Until (from - to)



Budget & Fees

What are these? Find out more.

In Development - work which will be produced and premiered in time for touring during 2022/2023. Please contact the Producer directly for Budgets and Fees.

Remount: $3,000

Weekly Sell Off: $12,000

Per Performance: $4,300

Royalties: 0%
Apra Obligations: Royalties on some of the songs we sing.

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