Producer: Jake Silvestro
Writer: Jake Silvestro
Directed By: Adam Deusien

An exception solo performance choreographed using a variety of physical genres that shines focus on the bushfires of 2019 and 2020


“December is an exceptional full-length solo performance by acrobat Jake Silvestro. Choreographed using a variety of physical genres, combined with striking visual arts making, this show shines focus on the disastrous
Australian bushfires of 2019/2020” – 2022 Canberra Critics Circle Award Winner for Excellence in Dance

Jake Silvestro’s most ambitious work to date aims to reconcile the impacts of climate disaster, and give audiences an opportunity to consider how these events impact individuals in our community.

Working on a grand scale, Jake uses his acrobatic movement to inform the creation of a series of large-scale drawings and paintings that bring this narrative into clear focus during the show. Balancing between abstract and familiar, this physical theatre work is an example of the cutting edge of Australian contemporary circus. The work fills the theatre space with hanging images and large sprawling drawings that lead audiences through the life and experience of one man who must put his hands into the ashes of his home to see what can be saved.

Short Reviews

“December is a unique and powerful work that will linger long in the memories of audiences lucky enough to experience it.” Bill Stephens, Canberra Critics Circle
Bill Stephens, Canberra Critics Circle
“The work of Jake Silvestro defies categorisation. He is at once a dancer, a circus performer, a physical theatre artist, and a visual artist.”
Michelle Porter, Canberra Critics Circle
“Every Aussie should see this”
Audience member NSW, (carpenter who is rebuilding homes in NSW that were destroyed by bushfires)


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Technical Information

Touring Party: 3
Bump-in Time: 4 hrs
Bump-out Time: 2.5 hrs
Interval: No


Design will lean heavily on venue standard rig.

Show requires:

  • ETC Ion Lighting desk or equivalent. 
  • All power cabling. 
  • All colour. 
  • Sufficient stage weights or shot bags to secure booms. 
  • 6x booms. 
  • 2x Smoke machines. 
  • Barco RLM W6 projector (or equivelant) with rigging and HDMI connection to FOH ops.
  • Border or flat rigged to act as a dowser for the projector.


The soundscape is specifically designed to underscore the show in QLab. An Apple computer will be provided by the company with a show file. The soundscape has been designed for  a surround effect and will require hanging of speakers behind the audience. A soundscape for venues that cannot provide surround sound can be provided.

Show requires:

  • Professional quality, full range FOH sound system. 
  • 1x SM58 at side stage for live Acknowledgement of Country.
  • 2x Active speakers for foldback. 
  • Two Speakers and Rigging equipment for surround sound system. 
  • All appropriate patching, cabling, isolated power. 


The December set is layered. The flooring is a strip of black tarkett positioned in an off centre t-shape, securely affixed to the stage deck. The set pieces are made up of three long canvases that are rigged at the back of the stage (see set plan at the end of the document).
Two paper drops will also be rigged above the stage on fly bars. These will be operated by VB cord from stage management station or mech station side of stage.

There is also a significant amount of set dressing – bundled canvas paper and assorted household objects. Standard venue masking will be used.

The production is designed for a standard proscenium arch or black box theatre with good black out conditions. The stage surface must be in good condition, dry, level, smooth and stable. Concrete is not asuitable surface. It is essential that the tarkett floor can be secured to the stage surface.

The set inclues two wooden set pieces postioned stage left which must be either fixed to the stage surface or weigh plates provided by venue.


The performance requires a 9m length of 500mm box truss running across the full stage width (or 8m if minimum stage size). The truss is positioned 8m upstage of the front edge of stage. The optimal truss height is 8m from the stage surface (1m flexibility in either direction), it needs to be guyed to resist movement on all planes. The centre point of the  truss must have a minimum SWL of 250kg. The truss will have 3 rigging systems hung from, the centre system is rated for a live human load. 

Set up requires two accessible tie off points, one in the stage left wing and one in the stage  right wing in line with the truss. Preferably these points are created with 100kg of weight (stage  weights/fly system cradle weights/ weight bags etc) on a weight tray. The attachment points on these weight trays support a 50kg non-human load and are used to raise set pieces inside  of the performance.

There are two paper drop systems rigged from a lighting bar over centre stage. These will be operated by a VB line system that will run to stage management side of stage.

Crew Notes

If paper drop system cannot be run to stage management station, a local mech will be required for all rehearsals and shows.

Sound will be operated by Stage managed, lights to be operated by local operator.

Bump out requires minimum 2 local crew.

Transport Notes

  • 1x one tonne van or truck for rigging, mats and large set pieces.
  • 1x 5 seater vehicle with adequent trunk / boot space for props

Audience & Marketing Notes

Audiences who enjoy contemporary dance, circus, physical theatre and works with a focus on Australian stories will enjoy this show. It is dynamic and visually easy to follow and has no dialogue making it accessible for a wide range of people.

This show is especially exciting for those who are new to physical theatre. The story is told through easily accesible visual metaphor. For audiences who are afraid that they \”dont get it\” when it comes to contemporary dance, this show is for you.

Selling Points

  • December is a strong fusion between dance and theatre, with elements of circus and acrobatics
  • December is the leading edge of contemporary performance practice in Australia
  • December shows us the strength of the human spirit and our ability to find hope amidst crisis. The joy found in memory can shine through even the toughest devastation

Community Engagement




    Venue Format

    Proscenium Arch, Black Box (with racked seating)


    55 Minutes

    Available Until (from - to)



    Budget & Fees

    What are these? Find out more.

    In Development - work which will be produced and premiered in time for touring during 2022/2023. Please contact the Producer directly for Budgets and Fees.

    Remount: $12500

    Weekly Sell Off: $10500

    Per Performance: $6000

    Royalties: 3%
    Apra Obligations: Standard APRA licensing

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