Producer: Theatre Works
Writer: Jules Allen
Directed By: Iain Sinclair

A mother & daughter navigate dementia, cultural clashes, and long-buried secrets.


Short Reviews

★★★★ An in-depth and intimate mother/daughter tale that deftly balances grief and love.
The story is meticulously refined and crafted; the script is unapologetic, candid, and incredibly humorous. Thought-provoking theatre at its finest.
Milkbar Magazine
Stirring and powerful.
Theatre Travels


Technical Information

Technical Rating: N/A
Touring Party: 3
Bump-in Time: 6 hrs
Bump-out Time: 4 hrs
Interval: No




Transport Notes

Audience & Marketing Notes

Selling Points

  • Mother/daughter story that appeals to women audiences
  • New Australian play by an up and coming playwright that appeals to enthusiasts of new work
  • Dramedy - explores poignant, heavy themes with a comedic, witty script allowing audiences an easy access point to the work.
  • Cultural diversity and migrant's stories on our stages - Rose's character emigrated from Thailand to Australia and her upbringing in Thailand is largely explored in this play.
  • Jules Allen's fascinating and impressive career as a humanitarian, foster parent, adoption reform advocate, motivational speaker, and Masterchef contestant, and her pivot into playwriting in 2016.
  • Story that explores the heartbreak, and the humour, inherent in the experience of dementia and in caring for a loved one with dementia.
  • A powerful, nuanced representation of older Australians onstage in the character of Rose. Senior audiences will see themselves reflected.
  • The text is semi-autobiographical, taking inspiration from Jules' own experience of caring for her mother with dementia.
  • Brought to the stage by renowned director and dramaturg Iain Sinclair, with decades of experience and a multitude of acclaimed works.
  • A work that does not shy away from sexual abuse and discussing childhood trauma to start vital conversations in audiences and their communities.

Community Engagement

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Content Warning








Mothers/daughters, seniors

Venue Format

Black Box, Proscenium Arch, Hall, Flat Floor, and more


60 Minutes

Available Until (from - to)



Budget & Fees

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In Development - work which will be produced and premiered in time for touring during 2022/2023. Please contact the Producer directly for Budgets and Fees.

Remount: $23,319

Weekly Sell Off: $7,389

Per Performance: $N/A

Royalties: 10%
Apra Obligations: 2 songs used total of 5 mins (min. fee $99 incl. GST total OR 6.6% x GBO x Music Use Percentage)

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