Tips on Submitting Your EOI

Tips on submitting your EOI:

Before you start our application:

  • Gather your articles, reviews, copy, images, video, marketing materials, tech plans etc. (link to RAV marketing template).
  • Have you carefully considered how regional touring sits in your artistic and business plans?

Think about your goals and strategy

  • Do you want to pitch a remounted production ready to tour, a production in development, an idea or concept seeking partners for further development, discuss your practice, discuss an opportunity for co-productions etc.?
  • Can you summarise clearly what outcome you need in terms of financial contributions, numbers of touring venues / locations, the ways in which partners can participate etc.?

Touring is about places and the people who live there

  • What makes your proposal innovative, important, and appealing to regional audiences and communities?
  • Have you considered who in particular will love your project and researched the communities where these people live?
  • Consider carefully what you hope to achieve via Showcase. Is it a number of venues to host your show on a tour, a co-production relationship or something else entirely?
  • How do you plan to use showcase to achieve these goals?
  • What kinds of venues / Locations / partnership are best suited to supporting this project – think big and outside the square!

What material should you supply to support your proposal?

  • How will you demonstrate the artistic merit of your proposal?
  • You will need to provide links to video footage, images, websites, reviews etc. and you can use a dropbox for additional material.
  • Be snappy – too much information can lead further from the essential aspects of the proposal. Think about as few as possible supporting items of a very, very high quality.
  • Videos are an excellent way to quickly show the concept and quality of your show, and panel members rely on these heavily to assess your submission. Consider this a key part of your proposal and ensure its of excellent quality.

Is the proposal viable?

  • Consider how exactly you would deliver the proposal. Will it meet Award standards in terms of remuneration and working hours / conditions? Is it feasible in terms of the kinds of venues that will come to this market?
  • If your proposal is about remounted show then absolutely include your budget and technical plan. While it’s not compulsory to include a technical plan you should at least have a very good idea of how long your bump in is, whether you have non-standard equipment requirements when you will create this.
  • Include marketing materials or biographies of personnel as applicable.

Be concise. Expressions of Interest have a very limited word length. Your first test will be in creating a compelling proposal that sits within these limits. This will ensure that Selection Committee members understand your proposal and what you aim to achieve at Showcase.


Please note –  If you plan to use pre-recorded music not specially commissioned for the show you must consider carefully your obligations to APRA AMCOS