Artist & Producer Information Webinars



As part of our partnership with Regional Arts Victoria, a series of webinars have been designed to support artists and producer participants into the event, and to support your knowledge in next steps after the event. Topics include:

  • EOI Application Process 
  • Pitching your work to venues
  • What happens after showcase?
  • Tips and tricks on building your own tour
  • How to develop a Touring Victoria funding application

WEBINAR #1 – Showcase Victoria 2023 EOI Information Session

This webinar is to guide producers and artists in the application process for Showcase Victoria. This includes how to fill out the application, where to find valuable resources on our website, how to market your performance, crucial information you’ll need to consider and performance fees & costs.

  • Patrick McCarthy: VAPAC
  • Bindi Green: Regional Arts Victoria
  • Adam Fawcett: Regional Arts Victoria 
  • Celia Wordsworth: Showcase Victoria

WEBINAR #2 – Pitching Your Work to Venues.

This is aimed at new producers and artists who may not know the VAPAC network or have not pitched their work in a live setting before.

  • Gareth Hart: Burrinja Cultural Centre
  • Marisa Cesario: Gasworks Arts Park
  • Jesse Dean: Hobsons Bay Venues

WEBINAR #3 – Building a Tour And Negotiating Fees

  • Lyall Brooks (Facilitator)
  • Bindi Green (Regional Arts Victoria)
  • Joel Carnegie (The Space Co)
  • Sophie Lampel (Essential Theatre)
  • Penny McCabe (Geelong Arts Centre)

WEBINAR #4 Applying For Travel Funds, How Do I Do It?

  • Lyall Brooks (Lab Kelpie)
  • Bindi Green (Regional Arts Victoria)
  • Selene Bateman (Auspicious Arts)
  • Amanda LaBonté (Essential Theatre