Producer: Xani Kolac

Artist information

Imagine a future without dance. Without dance music. Now forget about it and come with me

It’s rare to find an artist so astute in their craft and in step with a genre they can reimagine it convincingly. Violinist and songwriter, Xani achieves this in her latest live show inspired by electronic dance music. When pandemic restrictions limited our movements and human connection, Xani explored what it might be like to never dance again. Bleak, isn’t it? Dance has the power to transcend limitations, to take a person beyond the moment through the power of a beat, a rhythm, a movement of ideas. The thought of losing dance inspired Xani to create a world within her own reach where dance lived on and metamorphosised into something bigger than the present.

Connected on gritty dance floors again, people of all ages can transcend a moment and just dance together. Under lights, through smoke, in the subtle command of original music.


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Technical Information

Touring Party: 3
Interval: No


  • Xani Kolac – electric violin, vocals
  • Justin Olsson – drums
  • We need access to a full PA set up and mixer, ideally with subs included.
  • We will bring our own sound engineer and lighting equipment to use in conjunction with the lighting on offer from each venue.
  • We will need mics, mic stands and cables to mic up a full drum kit.
  • We will provide own cables, mics and DIs for other instruments.
  • We will require access to stage and an easy to load in area.
  • We will require power and power boards on stage.
  • We will provide own drum kit.

Audience & Marketing Notes




Venue Format

Stage or outdoor. Audience free to dance and move around within the space.


50 mins, 60 minutes, or two sets up to 1hr 15 mins. Minutes

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Fee Range & Fee Arrangement

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$3,001 to $6,000

Flat fee

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