Suzie So Blue

Producer: Suzan Dlouhy

Artist information

4 piece alt country/folk band headed by front woman Suzie So Blue.

Suzie So Blue, a captivating musical force, seamlessly melds the soulful depths of blues with the rustic charm of country, creating a hypnotic and spellbinding sonic experience. Her unique tenor guitar style, characterised by its mesmerising melodies, adds an enchanting layer to her music that resonates deeply with listeners.

With a voice that echoes the soulful traditions of Americana and the haunting allure of dark folk, Suzie So Blue’s vocals convey emotions that are raw, poignant, and achingly beautiful, drawing audiences into her world of musical storytelling.

Suzie So Blue’s music evokes a timeless and evocative quality, taking listeners on a journey through the heart of American roots music. Suzie So Blue is a storyteller and musical alchemist, who carries the essence of blues into the essence of blues into the expansive landscape of country, weaving a unique musical tapestry.


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Technical Information

Touring Party: 1
Interval: No


Drum kit, double bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo and vocals.

  • 2 mics
  • 3 DIs
  • 2 chairs

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50 Minutes

Available Until (from - to)

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At least $250 per performer plus travel, up to $3,000

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