Nat Bartsch Quartet

Producer: Nat Bartsch

Artist information

Pianist/composer Nat Bartsch and her ARIA-nominated quartet create genre-defying music at the intersection of jazz, post-rock, ambient and neoclassical genres. Nat Bartsch is one of Australia’s leading pianist/composers, whose music is enjoyed across the lifespan, from childbirth to the final hours of life. In her quartet she brings her pieces to life with Robbie Melville (guitar), Tamara Murphy (double bass) and Maddison Carter (drums), creating a meditative mosaic of sound transports audiences. Nat’s quartet is best known for their reinterpretations of her classical albums – such as their jazz lullaby album Forever More, and the critically acclaimed 2023 release Hope Renewed. Their recordings responds to powerful collective experiences: motherhood, climate change, the pandemic, gender disparities and more. Their live shows are deeply moving, addressing themes with enduring relevance – a chance to sit and reflect, feel emotions, and find the silver linings during difficult times.


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Technical Information

Touring Party: 5
Interval: No


Nat Bartsch: piano/synth/electronics (Nat runs ableton live on a laptop and uses a Schertler contact mic attached to the piano to generate live ambient effects. She also uses a Mood Mark II effects pedal, and a Korg Minilogue synth – see input list below)

Tamara Murphy: double bass
Robbie Melville: electric guitar and effects pedal board
Maddison Carter: drum kit

Venue to supply:
– acoustic piano**
– height adjustable piano stool
– piano amplification (2 x DPAs preferred)
– talk mic
– 3 x stereo DIs (for piano L/R, laptop L/R and mood pedal L/R)
– 2 x mono DIs (for korg minilogue and talk mic)
– bass, guitar and drumkit amplification as appropriate for the venue
– small table next to piano
– music stands x 3
– sconces x 4 if required
– heavy duty music rest for synth*
– drum kit* (Maddison to provide snare and cymbals) eg. Gretsch Broadcaster bop sizes
– bass amp* eg. Mark Bass CMD 121P IV
– guitar amp* eg. Fender Princeton

*Quartet is able to provide own backline (drum kit, bass/guitar amps, music rest) depending on the travel, logistics and schedule for the show
** digital piano available for outdoor/unique concert spaces only

Audience & Marketing Notes




Venue Format

Stage/theatre Flat floor in the round Outdoor (with digital piano)


1 x 60 min on a single album or various works - 2 x 45 Minutes

Available Until (from - to)

Fee Range & Fee Arrangement

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At least $250 per performer plus travel, up to $3,000

Flat fee, Door split/risk share

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