Kutcha Edwards

Producer: Tracey Griffiths

Artist information

From the wings of a darkened stage drifts the evocative, slightly haunting sound of clap sticks. A stoically paced figure slowly emerges singing in his traditional language. This signals the introduction to a Kutcha Edwards performance. He uses his mesmeric music to create connections across cultures, generations, and spaces. His voice is a life force.

Kutcha Edwards reminds us the strength of community is about our connection with each other. He carries the legacy forward by sharing the stories. He delivers harsh truths gently, traversing a range of topics, from the deeply personal to some downright hilarious anecdotes. As a respected elder, activist, and survivor from the Stolen Generations, a Kutcha live music experience takes you on a journey with stories from his life, that segue so eloquently into each song, allowing you to understand, lifting your spirit.


Technical Information

Touring Party: 7
Interval: No


  • DI for Acoustic Guitar
  • DI for Keys’Electricity for Guitar, Keys, Bass
  • 2 x Vocal Mics, 2 x Boom Mic Stands, 1 x Digital Output/ OR DI, 2 stool ( no arms) 2 x Fold Back Wedges.
  • Backline Preferred or can bring on tour if needed.
  • Drum Kit
  • Bass Amp
  • Fender Guitar Amp
  • Nord Electro 4HP–
  • Sturdy Stool and seat for Keyboard
  • Tall Stool for Kutcha to prop on.
  • Wireless Mic

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60-90 Minutes

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