Harry James Angus

Producer: Melanie Pose

Artist information

Harry James Angus, the firebrand trumpet-playing vocalist from the hugely successful Australian band The Cat Empire, is known both for his thrilling live performances and for his constant musical re-invention. His previous fulltime gig with The Cat Empire has had much success; 6 Australian top ten albums and huge chart success all over the world, appearances at every major festival including Glastonbury, Montreal Jazz and TV appearances on Letterman and Jay Leno.

His new work takes the raw intensity, chaos and exploratory power that has helped make The Cat Empire such an incandescent live experience, but redirects it towards a darker, more weirdly beautiful universe. A universe inspired by artists like Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Antony & The Johnsons and John Coltrane.

Performing in his juggernaut duo with collaborator Freyja Hooper, Angus takes the reins of a new musical era in which he stops at nothing to create colourful and riotous sound.


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Technical Information

Touring Party: 3
Interval: No


See tech specs for more information.
Harry usually travels with keyboard and trumpet and Freyja brings her symbols.
We would need a drum kit and Harry an use a piano for certain performances.

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Venue Format

All venue options are workable as long as the band and set up can be accommodated.


60 - 75mins Minutes

Available Until (from - to)

Fee Range & Fee Arrangement

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At least $250 per performer plus travel, up to $3,000

Flat fee

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