Georgia Fields

Producer: Georgia Fields

Artist information

Georgia Fields conjures a mesmerising spell of art-pop alchemy in her captivating solo show. Accompanying herself on electric guitar, mini-synth and textural live loops, the singer-songwriter “paints entire worlds with her tunes” (Frankie Magazine).

Georgia’s distinctive vocal brings to mind the piercing, understated clarity of Sarah Blasko, and the shoulders-back power-stance of Sharon van Etten. Building layer upon layer to create complex and ethereal arrangements, she uses her voice like an instrument. It’s no wonder the Sydney Morning Herald declared “Georgia Fields dreams in fantastic Technicolor”.

In this dynamic one-woman show, Georgia will share songs from her latest album ‘Hiraeth’ (four stars in The Australian), as well as material spanning her 16-year career.


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Technical Information

Touring Party: 1
Interval: No


Production requirements:

  • 2x vocal mics on boom mic stands
  • 1x DI
  • 1x mic on guitar amp
  • Power to the front of stage
  • Adequate fold-back on stage
  • No backline is required, however if the venue has a suitable guitar amp, Georgia will happily use this rather than bring her own

Audience & Marketing Notes




Venue Format

This show suits seated, listening audiences, ie: stage, flat floor, cafe, round, theatre-style. This live show also suits outdoor/festival type environments, however because Georgia has guitar pedals her feet, she *must* perform on a hard and dry surface (not grass). Adequate cover from the elements is also required if performing outside (a marquee or similar).


45-60 mins (can be shorter or longer of course). Minutes

Available Until (from - to)

Fee Range & Fee Arrangement

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At least $250 per performer plus travel, up to $3,000

Flat fee, Door split/risk share


Technical Specifications

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