Gamelan DanAnda

Producer: John Cheong-Holdaway

Artist information

Gamelan DanAnda will perform a set of traditional Balinese Gong Kebyar music and dance, features shimmering cascades of metallic sound, virtuosic rhythms and breathtaking crescendos all perfectly synchronised with stunning Balinese dance.

The performance will open with a traditional welcoming dance, and include a selection of Balinese Gong Kebyar repertoire from the ancient to 20th century repertoire.

Introductions to the instruments and unique features of Balinese gamelan will be interleaved seamlessly throughout the performance, including the cultural context of the music and dance, gong patterns, interlocking rhythms, tempo changes, the drum’s role in signalling instructions to the ensemble, synchronisation of dance and music, and the characteristic ‘ombak’ or ‘wave’ created when the pairs of perfectly tuned instruments resonate together.

The instrumentation is flexible and can be anything from an 8 piece to a 25 piece orchestra, with or without dancers.


Technical Information

Touring Party: 6
Interval: No


The ensemble is designed to be balanced acoustically, so does not need amplification for anything but the largest outdoor festivals. In most cases, all we need it a microphone for talkback.

If we are up on a stage above the audience, risers can be helpful so the audience can see the people in the back rows.

If there is no amplification, 1 hour is plenty of time for us to set up our instruments if there is good van access.

Our tech specs show a range of setups from 8-25 piece orchestras, but 10-12 is usually ideal for a touring ensemble. Fee will depend on the ensemble size, but a 10 piece ensemble plus dancers will be $5000.




Venue Format

Any of the above would be fine, as long as there is room for our ensemble and dancers, and a suitable dancing surface for the barefoot dancers


30-70 Minutes

Available Until (from - to)

Fee Range & Fee Arrangement

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$3,001 to $6,000

Flat fee, Door split/risk share


Technical Specifications

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