Producer: Damon Smith

Artist information

Twice nominated for a Music Victoria award and winning in 2023, Damon Smith is a versatile force—singer-songwriter, filmmaker, and mental health advocate. His journey reflects a dedication to inclusivity, interwoven into performances with a velvety voice and virtuosic piano skills. A polarising performer, Smith’s dynamic shows earn standing ovations across Australian venues. His compositions transcend the stage, finding a home in radio, television, and film. The 2022 album “Skeletons Skeletons Skeletons” earned acclaim, and 2023 brought a Music Victoria award for “A Fresh Harvest From Old Seeds,” triumphing over The Tesky Brothers.

Signed to USA label, MoMojo Records, Smith’s authentic music is set to captivate global audiences, emphasising his commitment to impactful creativity. He has shared stages and worked alongside, Barney McAll, Ali McGregor, Joe Camilleri, Wilbur Wilde, Davey Lane and more and has supported Boy and Bear, Johnny Diesel, Bernard Fanning & Mark Seymour.


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Technical Information

Touring Party: 3
Interval: No


Piano/Keyboard/ Upright Bass/ Drum Kit.Vocals




Venue Format

Stage, flat floor, outdoor, flexible – standing, café, round or theatre


1 - 45-minute set / 2 or 3 sets of 45 Minutes

Available Until (from - to)

Fee Range & Fee Arrangement

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At least $250 per performer plus travel, up to $3,000

Flat fee, Door split/risk share

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