Independent dance artists bolstered by Think Tank Dance Assembly

Instigated out of a need for independent dance artists to have agency within the dance sector, Think Tank Dance Assembly is a porous assembly for independent artists to discuss shared interests and strategies.

Inclusive of undergraduates through to established dance artists, TTDA is predominantly focused on the dance community in Melbourne/Naarm, but open to artists and discussions from further afield.

TTDA activities include research, advocacy, collaboration and development of strategies that can help sustain dance artists, their practice and the artform into the future. TTDA is also producing DAMN Writing – a digital collection of texts that identify issues and needs for the future. The online platform, catalysed by the COVID lockdown and live performance hiatus, will elaborate on ideas posed during discussions, both within TTDA and the broader sector. DAMN Writing will be made available to anyone interested in learning about issues surrounding independent dance practice.

TTDA desire to be central to discussions taking place around opportunities for creative research, development of practice and presentation and dispersion of work.

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